In association with Middlington Manor Vineyard

The Avant 640 is a capable smaller machine that can carry out a wide range of jobs with our attachments.


Efficient multi purpose bucket – can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveler or a grab. The front part of the bucket opens with 2 hydraulic cylinders, located on the back side of the bucket, which enables dozing, levelling and picking of stones, tree stumps etc. Another benefit of the opening bottom is that the bucket can be emptied at a higher level by opening the bottom instead of tipping the bucket edge down.


Powerful hydraulic auger with many different auger diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree transplanting etc.


Avant rotary brooms are excellent tools for sweeping material away, when collecting of the waste is not necessary.

The strong broom sweeps the ground clean in one pass, even a thicker layer of sand.


The Avant® flail mower attachment is a drum type cutter making easy work of cutting long grass, rough scrub, bush and similar taller vegetation. The blades move freely so will give rather than break if they hit solid objects and this saves blade costs when cutting in an unfamiliar place.